The Wedding That Broke The Record

FANTASTIC: The Wedding That Broke The Record

You have heard stories of couples doing wedding. You might also have participated in a number of wedding occasions. But what happened in Rishangles Baptist Church was just extraordinary. It was a ground breaking wedding between Richard and the queen of his heart Emily. Everything that went on blew peoples mind. Here is what happened.
The couple was dressed to kill. The bride had put on a sparkling white American wedding dress while the bridegroom wore an outstanding black Japanese suit. They all looked fantastic as they walked down the aisle holding each other’s arm. They all looked like one item and everybody admitted that they were indeed meant to be together.
The church was well decorated with all sorts of flowers and sets. It was so beautiful and everyone who got in thought that he had entered heaven. The clergy were well dressed and very prepared to join Richard and Emily in holy matrimony.
There were different types of presents. There are those who brought them imported furniture while others brought cutlery and many other household items. To everyone’s surprise, the father in law stood in the midst of the crowd and said he had something special to the couple.
He reached his pocket for car keys and immediately began dangling them in the air. The curious crowd was eager to know what was in store for the couple. Behold. He pointed at a brand new Range rover that was conspicuously parked in the vicinity and said that it was a special present for the couple. Cheers emanated from the crowd as everyone jubilated.

The security at the wedding was beefed up. A special team had been hired to ensure that order is maintained and people’s property is safe.
The cake itself was big, exceptionally decorated and well shaped. It was cut and lots people got a share of the mouthwatering cake.
Food was in plenty. There were all types of food for virtually everybody. It was upon every person to choose what to eat. To add on, drinks were many. All sorts of beverages were provided.