What you need to know about baptism


What is baptism?
This is a religious rite that is a carried out by many denominations around the world and involves the immersion of one’s body into a pool of water or the sprinkling of water on an individual’s forehead. The rite is meant to symbolize purification or a process of regeneration and admission into a Christian church. Apart from that, the religious rite helps to symbolize one’s acceptance of a particular faith.
The rite is commonly performed on young children which is accompanied with the giving of a new Christian name. Today, there are religious denominations that perform the rite on adults who were not baptized when they were children.


What gifts are suitable for baptized children?

Customized baptism cross
There is no better baptism gift than a customized cross. Majority of Christian crosses usually have the crucified body of Jesus on them. One can customize the cross and in place of the body of Jesus, one can place a small portrait of their child. This is a sure way of displaying the child’s new found faith.

Cross shaped keepsake box
When a child gets baptized, it is important to ensure that they get to stay firm in their new religion. One way of doing so is writing down prayers on small pieces of paper. Even though the child is not able to write, the parent or an older sibling can get help them compose one. One good place to keep the prayers and other religious items is a cross shaped keepsake box. The box can be kept by their bedside therefore providing easy access as well as providing more storage for religious items.

Personalized bible
Christians utilize the bible as the foundation for their beliefs therefore giving your child a bible will help in solidifying their faith. The best thing about a customized bible is that your child will have an item embossed with their name and a special message too.
With a personalized bible, your child will get to learn more about the Old Testament, the New testament, the prophets, about creation, about God, about Jesus and finally the ten commandments.

Personalized money box
As a parent , it is important to teach your children how to use money wisely. What other way can a parent teach such a lesson than with presents like a personalized money box. When children complete chores, they get to earn an allowance. As a parent, it’s important to teach your child how to save, how to contribute to the church and to the under privileged too.